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Collections & Flavours

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Please note: Get your orders in early as for all occasions we work on a first come first serve basis! Don't miss out!!!


  • Red Velvet - A true American Classic! A decadent bright red sponge, with a touch of vanilla and a kiss of chocolate flavouring and then topped off with an exquisite cream cheese frosting.  A must have, for any true cupcake connoisseur.

  • Lemon Meringue Divines - A mouth watering lemon sponge oozing with lemon curd and topped with the most 'divine' meringue icing.

  • Cupcake Alaska -  Our take on the world famous pudding Baked Alaska.  Scrumptious vanilla sponge with delicious strawberry jam hidden inside and then topped off with the most amazing meringue icing.

  •  Carrot Cupcake  -  An irresistible carrot cake made with fresh carrots and walnuts and then topped with a mouth watering cream cheese frosting.


    The Big-a-licious

    Is it true? Are my eyes deceiving me? What is it?? It's HUGGGEEEEEEE!! … Yes folks it's true…

    The Big-a-licious has arrived. Perfect to share with friends and family for any occasion... Watch this space for seasonal specials…

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    The Heart-a-riffic

    This cute little heart is the perfect gift or self indulgence. Order it in any colour, flavour or decoration you so desire.

    Go on... treat yourself!!

    This baby can also be used atop a wedding cupcake tower

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     The 8 inch Any Occasion Cake

    Round and perfect for any occasion... choose any flavour, colour and design for your special cake. Ask Laura for more details.


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     Wedding Cake Towers

    For that special day... choose any flavour, colour and design for your wedding tower. Ask Laura for more details.


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    Pretty in Pink

    A Stunning array of different shades of pink, decorated in diamonds, pearls or whatever other dazzling toppings take your fancy.

    A scrumptious vanilla sponge with an exquisite vanilla butter icing.


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    Peanut Butter Chocolate Time

    Could these cakes be any more delicious?! If you like
    Reeces Peanut Buttercups, you will ADORE these cakes!

    A gorgeous chocolate sponge together with an outrageous
    peanut butter icing (be prepared to want to eat more
    than one!).

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    Luscious Lemon Lovely

    A beautiful zesty treat. Made with fresh lemons. The mixture of tart and sweet will really drive your taste buds wild!!

    A mouth watering lemon sponge base with a beautiful lemon butter icing.


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    Coffee & Walnut Dream

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm yum!

    A true classic with a modern twist. Coffee fans prepare yourselves for a treat!!

    Made with a delicious coffee and ground walnut sponge and
    the most divine coffee butter icing.

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    Chocolate Heaven

    A fabulous favourite! If you like chocolate you will LOVE this
    cake! A real chocalicious indulgence for your senses!!

    A delectable chocolate sponge accompanied by an ohhh so
    irresistible chocolate butter icing!

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    Vanilla Sweetheart

    Want to try different colours?  We have a whole rainbow to choose from!

    A dreamy vanilla sponge with that gorgeous vanilla butter icing and decorated so fabulously (your choice of colour, so of course it’s going to be fabulous)!


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    The Mini Mini

    Aaarrrrrrrr look at the ittby bitty Mini Mini’s…. Aren’t they cute!!... You bet your sweet cupcakes they are!!

    Mini Mini’s come beautifully packaged with 42 cupcakes per box.  Perfect for anyone looking for just a bite or two of scrumptiousness!

    You can choose between all 42 being chocolate sponge or all 42 being vanilla sponge with a choice of vanilla, lemon, chocolate or coffee & walnut butter icing and of course loads of glitter and sparkly doodahs!

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    Seasonal Collections

    Different creations for different times of the year. For more information please contact

    Please note…

    Some cupcakes may contain traces of nuts.